SILICON CHIP partner companies

General electronics retailers

PCB manufacturers & assemblers

  • LEACH Co Ltd - low-to-medium volume PCB assembly
  • PCBcart - PCB fabrication and assembly (up to 32 layers)
  • RayMing PCB & Assembly - PCB fabrication and assembly (regular up to 36 layers, plus flexible and metal core PCBs)

Specialised component suppliers

  • Control Devices - joysticks, control grips, sensors, encoders, switches, motors etc
  • Freetronics - kits and parts for microcontroller systems including Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  • METCASE Enclosures (OKW) - custom instrument and rack-mount enclosures
  • Master Instruments - standard and custom batteries and rekated products such as inverters, leads, torches etc
  • Mastercut Technologies - solder stencils, custom stainless steel signs, shims and related parts
  • Microchip Technology - microcontrollers, FPGAs and other ICs including PIC and AVR microcontrollers
  • NPA Pty Ltd - cable/wiring, nylon fasteners and other electronics-related hardware
  • Ocean Controls - sensors, communications and industrial control components and much more
  • Premier Batteries - standard and custom batteries
  • TRI Components - OEM components: inductors, EMI shielding and high-power devices
  • Wagner Electronics - computer, security, automotive and sound products plus hard-to-find service/replacement parts

Test, measurement, soldering & manufacturing equipment

  • Anritsu - specialised products for mobile/broadcast/RF/optical test & measurement, plus food/pharmaceutical equipment
  • Cleverscope - oscilloscopes with built-in signal generators and spectrum analysers
  • Electrolube (HK Wentworth Ltd) - cleaning liquids for electronics, conformal coatings, resins and lubricants
  • Emona Instruments - electronic test and measurement equipment, oscilloscopes, DMMs, 3D printers etc
  • Hare & Forbes Machineryhouse - CNC machines, workshop tools, welding etc
  • Keysight Technologies - electronic test equipment, oscilloscopes, multimeters, AC power analysers, signal generators etc
  • PicoKit - laser cutters, 3D printers, custom parts for CNC routers plus kits for teaching basic electronics and coding
  • Rohde & Schwarz - test and measurement equipment plus wireless communication products
  • TRIO Test & Measurement - test and measurement equipment including oscilloscopes, multimeters, spectrum anaysers, signal generators and cable tracers
  • Weller Soldering Irons (Mektronics) - soldering irons and accessories

Other equipment


Exhibitions & events

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