SILICON CHIP partner companies

General electronics retailers

PCB manufacturers & assemblers

  • PCBWay - Offering a Comprehensive Range of PCB Capabilities to Meet Your Every Need
  • LEACH Co Ltd - low-to-medium volume PCB assembly

Specialised component suppliers

  • Control Devices - joysticks, control grips, sensors, encoders, switches, motors etc
  • Mastercut Technologies - solder stencils, custom stainless steel signs, shims and related parts
  • Microchip Technology - microcontrollers, FPGAs and other ICs including PIC and AVR microcontrollers
  • PMD Way - (Almost) everything for the maker and electronics enthusiast
  • Quest Semiconductors - advanced semiconductors for EVs and similar, including SiC schottky diodes, Mosfets and IGBTs

Test, measurement, soldering & manufacturing equipment

Other equipment

Exhibitions & events

Market Centre